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New Updates in HALO Firmware

Pause Option

A Pause option has been introduced to the Events Menu. This will allow users to define a pause value (in minutes) between a reoccurring event caused by teetering above and below the set threshold.


Further aiding in the reduction of repeating teetering events a default hysteresis for each sensor type has been implemented in the Events Menu. Once an event is triggered a new event will not occur until the sensor value drops below the trigger value minus the hysteresis value and then once again exceeds the trigger value.


Wave Files

Wave files that have been uploaded with spaces can now be deleted. Added new wave files on event detection:

Download Firmware

Release Date: August 23, 2022

IMPORTANT: if the HALO device is currently running a firmware version below version 2.0, it requires an additional upgrade step. You will need to upgrade to firmware version 2.5.1 first, then install version

Download 2.5.1 Firmware

Release Date: December 23, 2021

Previous Firmware

2.3 Firmware

Release Date: May 2021

2.2 Firmware

Release Date: September 2020