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Stop Vaping.  Stop Vandalism.  Stop Illicit Drug Use.  Stop fighting and Bullying.  Protect students and school property.

Vaping and Smoking Detection for Schools and Universities

Many administrators and staff members are not yet aware of the availability and benefits of vape detectors for schools, which are essential for ensuring a healthier and safer educational environment. The award-winning HALO Smart Sensor is providing protection for schools and universities around the globe in areas of privacy such as bathrooms, locker rooms, and more, to detect and alert administration to student vaping, vaping with THC, and smoking. HALO provides instant alerts so security and administration can quickly identify the location of an incident and address the issue – helping to protect students, faculty, and school property. HALO Smart Sensor never uses cameras or collects any personally identifiable information (PII).

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HALOs Top Sensors and Features

HALO Smart Sensor - Vape - Marijuana (THC)

Vape and Marijuana (THC) Detection

The vape epidemic has been skyrocketing among students in recent years. Now more than ever, vape detectors for schools are necessary and an effective addition to school safety measures. HALO can not only identify vaping in classrooms, but private areas where normal security footage is prohibited like the school bathroom, locker rooms, and dorm rooms. Having a vape sensor in these areas tells the students, “Don’t participate here”, ensuring a healthier environment.

HALO Smart Sensor - Safety - Aggression

Aggression Detection and Calls for Help

Students and staff can call for help using specific keywords. Get notified of fights or bullying in bathrooms, locker rooms, and even dorm rooms at universities. HALO stands out among other vape detectors for schools by offering an enhanced level of safety and peace of mind.

HALO Smart Sensor - Health - Air Quality

Air Quality Monitoring

With poor air quality, a student’s learning environment is compromised, leading to inattentiveness and lost productivity. Automate and ensure proper ventilation in each room with BACnet integration.

HALO Smart Sensor - Health - CO2

Prevent Spread of Infectious Disease

Some infectious diseases are often spread through the air with high CO2 levels. Ensure rooms have been cleaned and that air is properly filtered.

HALO Smart Sensor - Health - Particulates

Chemical and Gas Detection

Catch chemical spills and hazardous gases in science labs, mechanical or utility rooms, custodial closets, and maintenance areas.

HALO Smart Sensor - Safety - Gunshot

Gunshot Detection

Distinguished from conventional vape detectors for schools, this innovative system uniquely offers an advanced feature: the capability to detect gunshot sounds. School shootings are happening more often than you think. By placing HALO throughout your school, you can identify gunshots and the location with two-factor authentication. 3rd party certified.

Ensure Single Use Bathroom Occupancy

With the HALO 3C-PC model you can utilize people counting sensors to alert when more than one occupant or several occupants are within a space designed for single usage.

HALO Smart Sensor - Customize

CUSTOM: Vandalism & Trespassing Alerts

Create custom alarms to receive notifications when lights or noise is detected in unauthorized areas and after hours.

HALO Smart Sensor - Customize

CUSTOM: Manage HVAC Energy Costs

Create custom alarms to monitor HVAC effectiveness and only use when rooms are occupied.

“Our HALO investment has paid off well for us by giving our school the ability to identify the students who participate in vaping and may need drug counseling, so we can get them the help that they need to overcome it. Finding the right technology and integrator partner is crucial to implementing a successful solution and we were fortunate to have found both. CVCHS was able to make the campus safer by preventing a physical fight, while also getting students to help overcome their challenges all with one powerful device. There are no other products out there that offer what HALO does – a complete solution for vape detection and security.”
Clayton Valley School uses HALO Smart Sensor
Sunny Shergill
Special Projects Manager, Clayton Valley Charter High School

Federal Grants for K12 Schools

Recent additional CARES Act funding has been approved for schools for a variety of different school needs, including projects to improve and/or monitor indoor air quality at school facilities. With this recent passage of funding, implementing vape detectors and air quality monitoring systems like the HALO Smart Sensor are more obtainable than ever. With the HALO Smart Sensor, you can combat COVID-19 in your schools and create a safe work and learning environment, while also reaping the benefits of vape detection, security monitoring, and more. Contact us for a free quote and to learn more about purchasing HALO through CARES Act funding!

  • Student vape detection in classrooms, locker rooms, bathrooms.
  • Staff and guest smoking and vaping detection.
  • Abnormal sound detection like yelling and gunshots.
  • Abnormal sound detection for aggressive behavior and bullying in locker rooms, classrooms, stairwells.
  • Gas and smoke detection.
  • Chemical levels and spills in custodial closets, cafeterias, science labs, art rooms.
  • Temperature, humidity, moisture to prevent mold and illness.
  • Air Quality Index (AQI) alerting aligned to industry/government standards.

Partner alliance for safer schools

School security is at the forefront of conversations around dinner tables, administrator conferences, and school board meetings.

Today’s school safety and security challenges are multi-faceted and complex. Protecting students and staff is a moral and legal responsibility that requires a comprehensive and all-hazards approach to these challenges. Highly publicized mass murders and serious violent events in our schools have led to reassessments of how we manage risk in the K12 environment. Solutions to these challenges must be pursued across all areas of the emergency management spectrum of prevention, protection, mitigation, response, and recovery. Security management is a core responsibility of school administrators. In the absence of national standards, this task can be daunting, but not with HALO. Explore testimonials from our satisfied customers and see for yourself why they trust and recommend our sensor. 

Families don’t just want vape detectors for schools, they want violence detection before it’s out of control. HALO Smart Sensors not only ensure an environment for healthier students, but also protect students, staff, and visitors. HALO Smart Sensor is at the forefront of safety and security concerns in all markets, but especially in K12 education. The installation of HALO in schools offers families the comforting assurance of safer learning environments for their children.