The Building Automation Device You Need

What is HALO?

The HALO Smart Sensor is an IoT device that captures comprehensive health, safety, and vaping awareness data and metrics. It is the #1 vape detector worldwide for vaping and vaping with THC detection. As of 2023, HALO has won over 75 awards and is in over thousands of school districts nationwide to help combat the vaping epidemic. HALO Smart Sensor monitoring devices and systems are effective for schools and other markets, such as healthcare facilities, hospitality, commercial buildings, apartment complexes, assisted living, and more.

The new software features in HALO allow its users to capture comprehensive building awareness with an all-in-one device. Used for health and safety, HALO is a vape detector, an air quality monitor, and a complete security device for privacy areas where you do not want to use a camera or microphone. With a single device HALO provides Building Health Monitoring, Indoor Air Quality Monitoring, Vape Detection, THC Detection, Gunshot Detection, Emergency Key Word alerting, Audible alerting, Light/Occupancy alerting, Chemical alerting, VOC alerting, Tamper alerting as well as Temperature, Humidity and Pressure alerting.

Multiple Sensors​

Our device has over 12 unique detection sensors that work in conjunction to detect a multitude of measurements with unlimited customization. It’s the only Vape Detector that detects THC oil!

Designed for Air Flow​

Built with airflow in mind! The unit’s design allows the sensors to pick up harmful chemicals faster!

Less False Alarms​

With multiple sensors and advanced analytics, settings are adjusted and maximized for the environment of the room. As a result, it removes false alarms that singular sensors get from body and disinfectant sprays.