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"For us, it’s a layered approach and we feel like that with anything new ... whether it be an initiative or an equipment purchase ... that we’re just layering on what we already have been doing to continually update and advance our security protocols."
Laura Blessing
Superintendent, Miamisburg School District
"Our decision to select HALO was based on the versatility of the sensor and the positive reviews from other schools. We also liked the simplicity of the product and how there were no re-occurring charges or fees associated with HALO. We made the right decision deploying HALO within our school district as it’s protecting our school privacy areas and also providing security while protecting individual privacy.”
Samuel Cervantez
Safety/Security Coordinator at Castleberry ISD.
“As an owner of vacation rental properties the HALO product has been great. As a privacy device I can put anywhere in my units and it tells me if someone is in the unit, if they are vaping or smoking, if they are having parties or excessive noise, and it even told me when someone was using cleaning chemicals to take care of a spill at 3am."
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Chuck Harold
Security Guy TV
“By operating HVAC equipment and louvers when actually needed, based on occupancy, and not just based on a schedule, there is potential to reduce energy costs and to operate building systems more efficiently,”
HALO Smart Sensor Distributor - H2M
Michael Lantier, P.E., LEED AP
Assistant VP/Senior Electrical Engineer at H2M Architects + Engineers
“Instead of having a caregiver in the home, we use the IOT Smart Sensors in our customers’ homes to keep an eye on sound and air quality in the least intrusive way possible. We have found the HALO Smart Sensor to be the next level in remote support services, which allows us to have the best knowledge of what’s going on in someone’s environment and be able to respond quickly to mitigate risk.”
Nicholas D. Alexander
Vice President at THS RSS
"It’s a way for us to regulate areas where we can’t regulate with security cameras. It will notify whoever we have set up as an administrator in the system through email, cell phone, or text."
Lufkin Independent School uses HALO Smart Sensor
Kurt Stephens
Assistant Superintendent, Lufkin Independent School District
"HALO was able to identify our HVAC system was not operating properly, we performed system maintenance and significantly raised the level of our Air Quality within 45 minutes of the repair."
Northmor School uses HALO Smart Sensor
Eve Miller
Technology Director, Northmor Local School District
"The device has been extremely accurate and has helped school leadership deal with the vaping issue effectively by identifying when and where our students have been vaping. In addition, it has given our school the ability to differentiate from typical vaping to those that have THC in it."
Irvington School uses HALO Smart Sensor
Kristopher Harrison
Ed.D., Superintendent of Schools, Irvington Union Free School District
"Our HALO investment has paid off well for us by giving our school the ability to identify the students who participate in vaping and may need drug counseling, so we can get them the help that they need to overcome it. Finding the right technology and integrator partner is crucial to implementing a successful solution and we were fortunate to have found both. CVCHS was able to make the campus safer by preventing a physical fight, while also getting students to help to overcome their challenges all with one powerful device. There are no other products out there that offer what HALO does – a complete solution for vape detection and security."
Clayton Valley School uses HALO Smart Sensor
Sunny Shergill
Special Projects Manager, Clayton Valley Charter High School
"Good news…they work!…. Bad news…they work!. By this, I mean that HALO has met our need of detecting vaping incidents and has led to an increase in the need for campus security officers responding to the HALO-installed locations. We did detect many students vaping when HALO was first installed, but once they knew it was installed our vaping encounters with students decreased, and the negative behavior was curtailed at these locations. Some students at the school tried to defeat the device, however, due to the sensor being tamper-resistant were not successful."
Gilbert School uses HALO Smart Sensor
Allen Cain
Safety & Security Director, Gilbert Public Schools
"The HALO device was incredibly accurate with its real-time alerts, be it vaping, THC or vandalism. Initially, we had a few attempts at disconnecting the devices and a few incidents of where an object was thrown at the sensor to disable it; but both were unsuccessful due to the tamper-resistant features. Having the HALO device enabled us to see the problem vaping has become at our school and now we finally have a tool to help us address it in an effective way."
Pequannock School uses HALO Smart Sensor
Ron Lucas
Director of Security, Pequannock Township High School
"Myself, our assistant principal, and school resource officer all received a text alert simultaneously around 10:00am the first morning that the detectors were in effect. A quick search revealed that the user already left the restroom but were able to easily use the timestamp on our alert to check our camera system and identify the student who left. We called him in to question him and he admitted to his use of a vape device and we were able to quickly confiscate the device. While dealing with this student, a second alert went to our phones. This time it was a detection of THC content. Again, we were able to successfully identify the student and deal with the issue. On day one, we had four alarms and confiscated five vaping devices and one “pen” used for vaping THC content. We have not had another incident in that restroom since."
Somerset School uses HALO Smart Sensor
Jeff Wesley
Principal, Somerset High School
"We have actually had a high percentage of success rate with actually finding the vapes when we get the notification and are able to address it in a timely manner, I want a kid to make a conscientious decision, is this decision worth this? If I get discovered with this, is it truly worth it."
Hargrave School uses HALO Smart Sensor
Robert Murray
Assistant Principal, Hargrave High School
"I can say this very simply, the HALO sensors have completely eliminated vaping in the restrooms and locker room area’s at our school. They have been better than advertised! When you add in the tampering alarm and the bully component, it has been a great asset to our staff and school. The ease in installation and programming, along with the success we have experienced make them worth every penny!"
Saxony School uses HALO Smart Sensor
Mark Ruark
Principal, Saxony Lutheran High School
"The HALO sensors are a new and very important component of our district’s plan to deter and detect vaping and most importantly to educate students on its harmful effects. The HALO sensors were simple to install and configure by our own staff members in only a few hours. We took a very positive approach to the installation, throughout the purchase and install process, students were made aware of the upcoming devices. Our school principals made several videos explaining their presence and our goal to stop vaping, not to catch students and give consequence. Despite this, within the first 3 days of installation, 9 students were caught vaping. Anecdotal reports from students indicate that after only two weeks, vaping has decreased drastically throughout our schools."
Salamanca School uses HALO Smart Sensor
Dr. Mark D. Beehler
Assistant Superintendent, Salamanca City CSD
"With the HALO Smart Sensor, IPVideo has hit the Vape Detection and School Security market at the right time with the right product features. As a security integrator I’ve never seen as much customer interest and response in a product as we’ve received with the HALO."
CommWorks uses HALO Smart Sensor
Pete Wright
"They’ve worked perfectly since the day they were set up,"
Glen Cove School uses HALO Smart Sensor
Justin Lander
Director of Technology, Glen Cove CSD
"My biggest shock as an educator is that we have elementary school kids vaping. HALO detects the chemical compounds in the air and sends the notification to our administrators. We tested in our High School last year and so far, so good. The devices are tamper-resistant and do set off an alarm. We want to send the message that vaping is a serious problem here."
Olentagy School uses HALO Smart Sensor
Randy Wright
Chief of Administrative Services, Olentagy School District
"This summer we installed HALO devices in our restrooms and locker room facilities. I have been extremely impressed with these devices and I’ve been expressing my satisfaction to other administrators. Vaping is a growing problem with our students and these devices have provided a better solution to monitoring behaviors. Thank you!!!!"
Rensselaer School uses HALO Smart Sensor
Andrew Jones
Principal, Rensselaer Central High School