Decades of Security & Technology Innovation

With a purpose-driven mission to help make the world a smarter, safer, and healthier place, IPVideo, an industry pioneer since 1996, is now at the forefront of developing unique event-driven AI security and safety solutions.  These solutions utilize video, audio, and sensor technology to effectively mitigate false positives, confirm incidents, accelerate response times, deliver long-term actionable intelligence, and help society. IPVideo’s solutions protect areas of privacy, help to stop youth and adult vaping and drug use, and provide security personnel and first responders with the tools they need to better protect their communities. The company’s worldwide client base spans across sectors including education, public housing, hospitality, commercial real estate, and healthcare, and is served by a network of certified distributors, dealers, and system integrators who benefit from ongoing corporate support and training.


HALO and ViewScan are both designed and made in the USA with imported parts in an ITAR Certified and ISO 9000 registered facility. We utilize both automated production and inspection technologies to ensure quality. All team members are IPC trained and certified operators. All software is developed in the USA to maintain the highest level of cyber security protection.

"Whether it's a masking, whether somebody sprayed cologne or some type of chemical in there, or whether they're in there, and it's a nicotine vape or even a THC vape, it'll tell us the difference."
Director of Safety for Options Charter Schools
“The vape detectors have been efficient in detecting when students are vaping, allowing us to address the issue immediately.”
Tyler ISD Chief Communications Officer
“It's rather futuristic...It just gives us another layer to help keep our students safe and help keep them protected as well”
Principal, Webster Learning Center