The #1 Vape Detector Around the World

The HALO Smart Sensor emerges as a pioneering force in the realm of public health and safety, setting a new standard in vape detection technology. With advanced capabilities in identifying and responding to vaping instances, the HALO Smart Sensor is vital in sensitive settings such as schools and healthcare centers.

Employing sophisticated sensors, HALO vape detectors accurately discern the unique chemical compositions of various aerosols, including vape smoke and THC. Its integration with existing security systems enhances real-time monitoring and ensures prompt, effective responses. Beyond mere detection, HALO serves as an educational and preventive tool, contributing to overall health and safety through air quality monitoring and emergency management.

Here are a few reasons why HALO is the #1 vape detector in the world:

1. Schools Say So!

The use of HALO vape detectors in schools has been transformative in fostering safer educational environments. HALO’s sophisticated sensors effectively detect vaping activities, providing school administrators with the necessary tools to address this growing concern. By alerting staff in real-time, HALO aids in swift intervention, thereby reducing the occurrence of vaping on school premises.

Moreover, HALO’s impact extends beyond mere detection. It serves as a powerful deterrent, with its presence alone significantly reducing vaping incidents. Schools have also leveraged HALO’s data to inform and enhance their health education programs, teaching students about the risks associated with vaping. With positive testimonials from schools around the globe, HALO has been helping schools identify and stop the vaping epidemic in their school. More importantly, schools have been using HALO to educate students on the dangers of vaping and make them healthier for it. Hear from the schools directly!


Direct integrations with other systems that you are already likely using every day. Integration with your video surveillance camera system can save you time and headaches. As alarm events from HALO are communicated, your camera system, located outside of the privacy area, can enable camera recording, enhance frame rate and resolution, move PTZ Cameras, and bookmark video so that a single click can bring you to the right camera(s) at the right time. You will know who was in the area during a HALO event, which means no more time-consuming searches. Unlike others who have closed systems, HALO is built on open architecture, enabling integration partnerships with other industry-leading product manufacturers and can work with anyone who allows it. HALO is already integrated with the largest security manufacturers around the globe such as Genetec, Avigilon, Milestone, Panasonic, Axis, Hanwha, and many others. See some of our Integrations here.

3. HALO is Always On!

As a 25-year-old security manufacturer now owned by Motorola Solutions, we take safety and health very seriously. With this in mind, we made the conscious decision to go POE instead of battery so HALO will always be on with the network! We never want to risk batteries dying, especially with district-wide deployments. Another decision we made was to NOT offer dummy units. Dummy or decoy devices may cause an expectation of security or safety under false pretense that might induce risks we think our customers should avoid. See our product spec sheet here.

4. HALO is Constantly Evolving!

We are up against a billion-dollar industry and the resourcefulness of youth, both of which are trying to defeat vaping detection devices. Nobody wants to invest in a vape detector that will be out of date and useless soon after purchasing. This is why our engineering team is utilizing AI and Machine learning in the HALO and is always testing the latest products on the market to capture the chemical signatures and develop readings and alerts for them. It was during these testing periods that the HALO team identified specific signatures for Masking. Masking is when someone tries to cover up their vaping activity by spraying concurrent aerosol sprays, such as air fresheners or body deodorant. Our team can pull out each signature and identify the cover-up attempt. View an animated overview of schools using HALO here:

5. HALO Provides Health and Air Quality Alerting!

We are working together to address health and safety in schools to minimize negative environmental impact on respiratory health, mental clarity and focus, sick building syndrome, and the spread of airborne infectious diseases. As an all-in-one device, schools get these additional health benefits and can utilize the same email, text, or system alerts, utilize the device’s LED lighting alert, or communicate directly with HVAC systems via integration with BACnet to make changes without a classroom, teacher, or facility intervention. See a video on HALO’s air quality features for the classroom.

6. Qualifies for Multiple Funding Sources!

Due to its multi-purpose use, HALO purchases can qualify for multiple funding sources. HALO falls under category grants for school safety, school health, and school air quality. Through fundraisers, new construction bonds, federal and state security bonds, the CARES Act, or class action lawsuits, schools have many options to assist with the purchase of HALO. The value of HALO also quickly gains the support of the school boards and parents in the community who all want the best health and safety for students.

7. More Value for School Budgets!

We all want the youth vaping problem to end! Collectively, we hope this is a short-term problem and we don’t want to see school resources wasted on short-term solutions. HALO was built as a safety and health device first and vape detection was a benefit of its multi-sensor readings. Schools who are installing HALO are getting long-term benefits including:

  • Vape/THC/Marijuana/Cigarette Detection
    • Alerts to anyone vaping in location.
  • Air Quality Monitoring/Airborne Sickness Prevention
    • Alerts to unhealthy air conditions and those that are likely to spread airborne disease pathogens.
  • Vandalism/Fighting Audio Detection
    • Alerts to abnormally loud noises like breaking items and yelling.
  • Emergency/Bullying Key Word Alerting
    • Person in distress says a keyword alerting security and triggering a response to diffuse the situation and notify that help is on way.
  • C02 classroom monitoring
    • Alerts to rising CO2 levels that lead to inattentiveness, lethargy, and respiratory issues like asthma.
  • Occupancy/Trespassing Alerting
    • Captures sound and lighting to alert the presence of trespassers.
  • Energy Management
    • Control heating and AC based on occupancy and need.
  • HVAC filtering monitoring
    • Identify when filters need to be replaced/cleaned based on particulates they are allowing to escape, protect air quality, and maximize the length of the HVAC system.
  • Chemical and Cleaning Agent Detection
    • Know when facilities have been cleaned or when any harmful chemical has been released in an art or science lab, storage room, bus depot, etc.
  • Gun Shot Detection
    • Alerts to a gunshot.

Take Action with HALO: The Ultimate Solution in Vape Detection

The HALO Smart Sensor is more than just a vape detector; it’s a comprehensive solution for ensuring safety and promoting health in diverse environments. From schools to healthcare facilities, HALO stands as a beacon of innovation and reliability. If you’re ready to take a proactive step towards creating safer, healthier spaces, it’s time to choose HALO. 

Join the global community of satisfied users and experience the difference. To learn more about how HALO can benefit your organization, or to get started, contact us today. Embrace the future of safety and health monitoring with HALO – your trusted partner in creating secure and healthy environments.