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HALO Smart Sensor - Vape - Marijuana (THC)

Marijuana (THC)

THC is the chemical component found in marijuana. The HALO Smart Sensor is the only sensor that is able to trace THC oil given off by vape pens, along with the other traditional smoking methods. 

HALO Smart Sensor - Vape


HALO uses a Dynamic Vape Detection algorithm to automatically learn the environment and alert when Vaping is detected.  HALO is the only product that can alert and differentiate between Vaping, Vaping with THC, and intentionally masking Vaping behavior by using aerosols to cover up Vaping.


This is when someone is trying to hide their vaping activity – they will typically spray cologne or other aerosols to cover up the distinguished smell of marijuana or other vaping smells. 

“Bathrooms and locker rooms are a big area where these vaping activities take place, and these are private areas. This is a way to detect those types of activities without being invasive.”