Get to know your Safety sensor Readings

Help (Spoken Keyword)

Each HALO device comes preloaded with 5 spoken keyword phrases. These keywords can be used by anyone in times of stress or need. This is especially helpful in schools where bullying is a problem, teachers who are in need of assistance, nurses and hospital patients, hotel personal, etc. Whenever the keyword is said aloud, HALO will send notifications to those who have been designated to receive these alerts.

Panic Button

HALO 3C users can trigger alerts via an external 3rd party panic button or via the HALO cloud app. The location of the trigger is associated to the HALO device in closest proximity.

HALO Smart Sensor - Safety - Gunshot


Identify gunshots and the location with two-factor authentication using frequency sound pattern and percussion. This sensor is 3rd party certified. Each device has a 25 ft range with 360° radius detection.

HALO Smart Sensor - Safety - Aggression


Learns the signature of abnormal noise in a room by applying Machine Learning.  HALO learns what normal sound levels are and alerts when a threshold above normal is detected for a specified length of time.  HALO applies aggression detection through true analytics.


Identify and alert on movement for occupancy and trespassing.

Occupancy (People Counter)

Identify how many people are within the HALO location and configure to alert on abnormalities. 

HALO Smart Sensor - Safety - Light

Light Level

Measured in Lux, HALO can identify the light level in a particular location.  This can be helpful when detecting occupancy, improving emergency efficiency, and coupling with other sensors to identify an intrusion.


HALO 3C comes with a literal HALO of LED-colored lighting options that can be programmed to show escape routes for safety such as a red, yellow, and green pattern. Create unique colors for different alerts such as purple for Air Quality alerts or blue for Health alerts. The lights themselves are projected onto the ceiling around the HALO for extended visibility.

HALO Smart Sensor - Safety - Tamper


HALO uses a tamper sensor to prevent vandalism and disabling of the HALO by identifying vibrations caused by striking the HALO, throwing things at it, or even moving the ceiling tile HALO is mounted in.

“We have utilized a couple of the features - like the vandalism and the loud noise. I look forward to utilizing all the features as we move forward just to make a healthier safer campus environment for our students and staff.”