The Building Automation Device You Need

What is HALO?

The HALO Smart Sensor is an IoT device that captures comprehensive health, safety, and vaping awareness. It is the #1 vape detector worldwide for vaping and vaping with THC detection. As of 2021, HALO has won over 60 awards and is in over 1,500 school districts throughout the country to help combat the vaping epidemic. The market for devices such as the HALO Smart Sensor is not only helpful for schools, but for other markets as well such as healthcare, hospitality, commercial buildings, apartment complexes, assisted living, and more. 

As part of the newest v2.5 software release, HALO provides both a real-time Air Quality and Health Index that sends alerts when either index falls into danger zones. In conjunction with HALO Cloud, the sensor also provides critical automated reports that allow building owners and administrators to demonstrate they are providing a healthy indoor environment and/or validate that facility improvement is needed.


The new 2.5 software features in HALO allow its users to capture comprehensive building awareness with an all-in-one device. Used for health and safety, HALO is a vape detector, an air quality monitor, and a complete security device for privacy areas where you do not want to use a camera or microphone. With a single device HALO provides Building Health Monitoring, Indoor Air Quality Monitoring, Vape Detection, THC Detection, Gunshot Detection, Emergency Key Word alerting, Audible alerting, Light/Occupancy alerting, Chemical alerting, VOC alerting, Tamper alerting as well as Temperature, Humidity and Pressure alerting.


Receive real-time notifications and alerts

HALO is always monitoring each space 24/7, with zero delays in event notifications and alerts.


Confidence Level

You have complete control of time to be notified of an incident.


Notification Types

Choose how you would like to receive your notifications, via 3rd party integrations, SMS and/or email, or IO Trigger.



Customize who is notified during different events and alerts. You can adjust each subscribers’ notification schedule.

"The device has been extremely accurate and has helped school leadership deal with the vaping issue effectively by identifying when and where our students have been vaping. In addition, it has given our school the ability to differentiate from typical vaping to those that have THC in it."

KRISTOPHER HARRISON Ed.D., Superintendent of Schools, Irvington Union Free School District

Experience the Difference with HALO 2C


Utilizes Carbon Dioxide calibrated sensor that is very specific and much more accurate when it comes to the CO2 level readings. 


The Temperature and Humidity sensors are located on the outside very edge of the device, allowing more accurate readings of the temperature and humidity outside of the unit. 

How to know it's time to install HALO 2C


When SECURITY and AIR QUALITY are of equal importance. The HALO 2C is used when energy management or building automation is a key factor for your facility – classrooms, commercial or common areas like break rooms or office space.