Newest People Counting Feature

HALO Smart Sensor 3C-PC

our multi-functional health, safety & vape detection device now with People Counting!

As the industry leader in monitoring facility privacy areas, HALO Smart Sensor 3C-PC is at the forefront of solving ever-evolving safety and security concerns. HALO 3C-PC protects the privacy of individuals as it does not use cameras, record audio, or capture any personally identifiable information (PII).


  • Do you have limits on the number of students/individuals who can use a school restroom?
  • Are you concerned about loitering and possible drug use in the privacy areas of your facility?
  • Are you concerned about too many unauthorized guests in your hotel or rental property?
  • Do you need help tightening up security on your property where you can’t place a camera? 
  • Or, do you just want to create better energy management and cut operational costs? 

Whether it’s a retail establishment, hotel, healthcare or senior living facility, rental unit, commercial building or school, the HALO Smart Sensor 3C-PC is here to help. With HALO 3C-PC’s people counting feature, you can easily identify occupancy and how many people are within a location. The device uses a privacy protecting sensor to measure the presence of body heat and never captures any personally identifiable information – keeping occupants’ privacy protected. 


HALO 3C-PC sensors are often discrete and work well in darkness, bright areas, as well as in places with reflective surfaces or walls. You can also configure your HALO 3C-PC to receive alerts on movement for occupancy and trespassing in unauthorized areas, during and after-hours. In addition to these significant benefits, people counting can also be used for energy management based on occupancy. Bring your property security to the next level with HALO 3C-PC from IPVideo Corporation. Learn more today.

HALO Smart Sensor 3C

Occupancy and People Counting

  • HALO 3C-PC is the people-counting option of the HALO 3C family of products and includes all of the same health, safety, and vaping detection features. 
  • HALO 3C-PC does require HALO Cloud for analytics.
  • HALO 3C-PC utilizes a people-counting sensor and does not capture audio/video or any personally identifiable information.
  • HALO 3C-PC can count up to 9 individuals within a 196 sq ft location when mounted at 9 feet.

The same HALO you know and love, now with more features, easier surface mount install, and the ability to power two units using the same cable run!