Request to Join our Reseller Program

Becoming a Reseller with IPVideo Corp. offers a unique value proposition. As members of our IPVIP program, you have the option to build solutions using products from the entire IPVideo product portfolio, and so much more.

What being a HALO Reseller means for your business

  • Offer your customers proven solutions, developed and tested by talented engineers and system architects and deployed in installations worldwide.
  • Bid on a wide array of installations and know that you can deliver exactly what the customer needs.
  • Choose the hardware and software that you want to build an installation, with the confidence that it will work in the target environment.
  • Partner with a network of innovators, constantly testing the limits of our solutions to ensure you are offering a platform that keeps up with the ever-changing demands of today’s technology requirements. 

Extend Your Offerings With Proven Solutions

Add Our Expertise to Your Team

Deal/Account/ Territory Protection

Increase Margins and Volume Incentives

The Program in Brief

Our Reseller program, IPVIP, is designed in a way that rewards increasing commitment to IPVideo Corp products and services. IPVIP Resellers with a demonstrated track record of successful IPVideo Corp sales and product knowledge will be able to progress in their reseller level with IPVideo Corp, with each level unlocking a new array of benefits, sales incentives and rewards to strengthen and grow their business.

Requirements to become an Authorized Reseller

  • Request to join by filling out IPVideo Corporation’s reseller application
  • To become an authorized IPVideo reseller company, at a minimum, must purchase and complete product training
  • We have three discount tiers:
    • Silver: Purchase and complete remote product training
    • Gold: Purchase and complete remote product training, purchase demo unit
    • Platinum: Achieved upon reaching 300K in annual sales


Joining the program offers the following benefits:

  • Attractive discount levels based on revenue
  • Access to dedicated IPVideo Corp technical support
  • Help with projects in pre-sales, scoping and pricing
  • Opportunity to sell the entire IPVideo Corp product portfolio

Benefits of becoming an Authorized Platinum Reseller:

  • Ability to register projects
  • Receive leads from IPVideo Corporation
  • Participation by IPVideo Corporation in Platinum Reseller customer events
  • Best pricing discount

Ready to become a HALO Reseller?