Ensure compliance with Smoke Free Legislation

Smoke Detection, Health & Safety Monitoring for Public Housing

The implementation of HUD’s Smoke-Free Legislation promises to improve resident health, mitigate fire risk and reduce the costs of renovation and insurance – but only if residents respect the terms of their new lease agreements. The HALO Smart Sensor and HALO Cloud interface help building managers manage non-compliance by detecting smoking and vaping as soon as they occur. It also contributes to residents’ quality of life by alerting managers to a wide range of other environmental pollutants and risk factors.

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HALOs Top Sensors and Features

HALO Smart Sensor - Vape - Marijuana (THC)


Smoking is prohibited in all public housing at a federal level. Vaping is also banned in many municipalities and properties.  HALO can alert property owners and managers when these are detected.

HALO Smart Sensor - Health - Air Quality


According to the EPA, Air Quality can have a significant impact on heart and lung health, particularly in the elderly. HALO enables staff and residents to monitor Air Quality at a unit level. 

HALO Smart Sensor - Health - Temp


HALO monitors room temperature to ensure it is within regulatory limits and can be programmed to send an alert when units or common areas are too warm or cold.

HALO Smart Sensor - Health - Humidity


HALO can alert property managers when relative humidity is below 40% or above 60%. This improves resident health by preventing allergies from mold and mildew and minimizing the risk of disease transmission.  

HALO Smart Sensor - Safety - Light


HALO can be configured to trigger an alert when lights are turned on at night in spaces that are meant to be unoccupied.



HALO can be configured to trigger alerts when indoor sound levels exceed HUD’s recommend limit of 45dB.

HALO Smart Sensor - Safety - Aggression

Noise Disturbances

HALO’s audio algorithms can be programmed to alert property managers to excessive music, large gatherings, fights, vandalism and calls for help.

HALO Smart Sensor - Safety - Panic Button


HALO’s panic button integration alerts management and security staff to incidents via the HALO Cloud dashboard, mobile app and email.

HALO Smart Sensor - Safety - Motion


HALO can be configured to send notifications when lights or noise is detected in unauthorized areas and after hours.



HALO can help property managers minimize HVAC system use when units are unoccupied.

"Wall-mounted emergency alert systems that require residents to be able to reach and pull the device’s cord will be replaced by overhead HALO smart sensors that detect smoke and certain types of sound. They can just basically call for help and it will be tied into an emergency center so that help can then come to them. They don’t have to worry about getting next to the cord and pulling the bell.”
Vanessa Rockovich
Executive Director; Meadville Housing Authority