Improve safety, quality of care and compliance

Protecting Public Restrooms. Stopping Drug Use.  Helping People Breathe Better. Providing personal security.

Environmental Monitoring Solution for Senior Living Communities

The award-winning HALO Smart Sensor helps healthcare and senior living administrators meet their regulatory obligation to provide safe, clean, comfortable, and home-like environments for patients and residents. With extensive federal and state laws in place, administrators are often challenged with meeting their day-to-day responsibilities and remaining compliant. HALO Smart Sensor alerts administrators to poor air quality levels, a wide range of environmental pollutants, as well as security issues – helping administrators to stay compliant, save on energy costs, and improve patients and residents’ overall quality of life. HALO Smart Sensor never uses cameras or collects any personally identifiable information (PII).

Take the first step in reducing the spread of infectious diseases. Contact us to add HALO to your Healthcare or Senoir Living facility.

“Instead of having a caregiver in the home, we use the IOT Smart Sensors in our customers’ homes to keep an eye on sound and air quality in the least intrusive way possible. We have found the HALO Smart Sensor to be the next level in remote support services, which allows us to have the best knowledge of what’s going on in someone’s environment and be able to respond quickly to mitigate risk.”
Nicholas D. Alexander
Vice President at THS RSS

HALOs Top Sensors And Features​

HALO Smart Sensor - Vape - Marijuana (THC)

Vape and Marijuana (THC) Detection

Identify vaping and THC usage in privacy areas such as resident rooms, bathrooms, break rooms, and common areas.

HALO Smart Sensor - Health - Health Index

Disease Prevention with Health Index

Ensure your residents and staff are safe from airborne diseases, prevent the spread of infectious disease, ensure rooms have been cleaned, and the air is properly filtered.

HALO Smart Sensor - Health - Air Quality

Air Quality Monitoring

See the average quality of the air you are breathing over the course of a few hours. Automate and ensure proper ventilation in each room with BACnet integration.
HALO Smart Sensor - Safety - Gunshot

Gunshot Detection

Add an extra layer of protection with HALO. Identify gunshots and the location with two-factor authentication. This sensor is 3rd party certified.

HALO Smart Sensor - Safety - Aggression

Aggression Detection and Calls for Help

Patients and staff can call for help using specific keywords. Get notified of fights in bathrooms, locker rooms, and dorm rooms.

HALO Smart Sensor - Health - Particulates

Chemical and Gas Detection

Catch chemical spills and hazardous gases in mechanical or utility rooms, custodial closets, and maintenance areas.

HALO Smart Sensor - Customize

CUSTOM: Vandalism & Trespassing Alerts

Receive notifications when lights or noise is detected in unauthorized areas and after hours.
HALO Smart Sensor - Customize

CUSTOM: Manage HVAC Energy Costs

Monitor HVAC effectiveness and only use when rooms are occupied.