Anti-Vape Resources

7 Reasons Why We're the #1 Vape Detector for Education Facilities

The vape epidemic has been skyrocketing among students in recent years. HALO can identify vaping in privacy areas such as bathrooms, locker rooms, dorm rooms, and faculty rooms.

A HALO of Protection in the Classroom

The new HALO 3C features bring security to the classroom, protecting both facility privacy areas and the privacy of staff and students. With HALO, you’re never alone in the classroom. 

Customized HALO Posters

Engage and educate students about the dangers of vaping, promote zero-tolerance for bullying, or boast about how your school is keeping indoor air quality safe. Customize posters with your unique message about how HALO is helping keep your school healthy, secure, and vape free. 

Beyond Vape Detection

Since returning to school after the pandemic, a school in Texas noticed an increase in vape usage throughout their school and decided to take action by installing HALO throughout their buildings. Since the devices were installed, administrators were able to detect dozens of vape incidents and air quality issues.

FREE Anti-Vape Training Subscription for HALO Cloud Users

To assist school districts with educating students and parents on the dangers of vaping, we are now providing FREE anti-vape training from school safety expert, Integra Services, when school districts purchase HALO Cloud. Contact us if you are a district that has purchased a HALO Cloud subscription.

The Dangers, Health Risks, and Consequences of Vaping

This book, co-written by Lt. Joseph Pangaro from Integra Services, sounds the alarm about this dangerous activity to help our schools combat the vaping epidemic and create healthy and safe environments in our schools.

State Anti-Vaping Prevention Resources

Each state dropdown contains a set of links to various web resources. Click on your state to see what’s included!