HALO and your local SMTP server

The HALO smart sensor has the ability to notify users of events by email and SMS (text message).

Navigate to the HALO dashboard and select the Notifications tab.

The HALO uses SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol) to send out emails for events that are detected.

Select the email provider you use, there maybe a template to help fill populate the required information.

• You can use your internal SMTP server.

• If you are using an external SMTP server, please follow their SMTP setup documentation.

• If your SMTP service is set for port 25 (usually no credentials) be sure to leave username and password fields empty.

• Recipients need to be comma-separated and can be emails or phone numbers:, If you have issues sending SMS or MMS over SMTP, please make sure the number and format is correct. Contact the cell provider if you still have issues.

ex: example@gmail.comexample2@gmail.com

ex: HALO@ipvideocorp.com9171231234@txt.att.net

Provider Email-to-SMS Address Formats:

AT&T: number@txt.att.net (SMS) AND number@mms.att.net (MMS)

Sprint: number@messaging.sprintpcs.com (SMS) AND number@pm.sprint.com (MMS)

T-Mobile: number@tmomail.net (SMS AND MMS)

Verizon: number@vtext.com (SMS) AND number@vzwpix.com (MMS)

A more complete list of email-to-SMS address can be found here.

Check “Also Send Test Email(s)” and click “Save & Test Connection.“ If test passes, you should get email/text, if test failed look at the options below.

• Firewall is blocking the communication between HALO and SMTP server.

• SMTP setting parameters are wrong.

• HALO might not have internet access (external SMTP)

• IMAP is disabled on your Gmail account (external SMTP)

• If Gmail is suspicious of login, simply login into Gmail and confirm that it was you that signed in.

• HALO has bad / wrong DNS, router, gateway, IP

Event Email Contents

Administrators can choose to enter their own specific text in the Subject and Body fields and use the built-in placeholders to automatically generate informative messages. The placeholder strings that can be used are:

%NAME% Device name as specified in device settings

%IP% IP address assigned to HALO Smart Sensor unit

%EID% The event ID as specified on the event tab

%THR% The threshold of the event that was surpassed (numerical value)

%VAL% The sensor value

%DATE% Current date of the event

%TIME% Local time of the even