What are aggression events?

The HALO Smart Sensor learns the signature of abnormal noise in a room by applying machine learning. The HALO learns what normal sound levels are and alerts when a threshold above normal is detected for a specified length of time. HALO applies aggression detection through true analytics.

False aggression events can occur if there are significant changes in the environment. For example, our customers that have HALO’s installed in schools, the noise level during Summer break vs. the start of the school year varies greatly. If a false event is triggered, please contact support so we can review your logs and thresholds settings and recommend the optimal configuration for HALO.

HALO provides total protection of privacy, the sensor does not record sound and cannot identify any personal identifiable information.  It protects your privacy at all times yet provides for your security.  What the device is doing is capturing sound “levels” not conversations and does not utilize a camera. We hope this device provides you a safer and healthier experience in whatever room you enter.