Common SMTP issues and solutions

The HALO Smart Sensor notifies you of events through email. In order to received these email your HALO need to be configured to your SMTP service. Here are the common error message you may see and their solutions.

  • Server Found = SMTP host can be reached
  • Envelope Error = This error is returned if you attempt to send an email using your account and the envelope from the address is not an authorized sender address on your account. Possible solutions include:
    • 1. Confirm in your SMTP configuration user and sender are identical no white spaces.
    • 2. Confirm that email is allowed to connect to the SMTP from the IP address connection.
    • 3. Is the IP address and the device trusted by the Email account AuthSMTP?
  • Could not reach server (DNC)= Halo Cannot not reach DNS(Domain Name Server) and resolve Host SMTP Name for connection. This is a Network related connection issue with DNS.
  • Authentication error (user/password)=User or Password is incorrect, or Security not configured correctly for the Halos’ Email to use.
  • Unconfigured=information is missing from the SMTP configuration.
  • Protocol Socket Error = Port is blocked by TLS / Firewall or Network permissions, or Port security not configured for Halo Network related to VLAN port configurations.
  • OK= SMTP host can be reached, and Email can be sent