The HALO Smart Sensor measures CO₂ (Carbon Dioxide) concentration and provides a measure of what percentage of the air we inhale consists of air that has already been exhaled by other people, this is called the Rebreathed Fraction. An elevated rebreathed fraction equals a greater probability of the spread of infection.

While the effects of high levels of CO2 were long thought to be benign, research has found that concentrations as low as 1,000 ppm can affect people’s cognitive function and decision-making

The greatest source of indoor CO2 is people themselves, as it’s a byproduct of our respiratory function. Coupled with poor ventilation, this commonly leads to high levels of CO2 in many workplaces.

The easiest way to resolved high CO₂ levels is to open the windows in a room until the levels decrease to as safe level (1,000 ppm or less).