Montgomery ISD combats student vaping with new HALO smart sensors in bathrooms at Montgomery and Lake Creek high schools

MONTGOMERY, TX (KTRK) — When Montgomery’s ISD students return to school Thursday, they may find it easier to get caught vaping. The district has added more vape sensors on high school campuses. A total of 23 sensors were installed in six bathrooms at Montgomery and Lake Creek high schools, the district said. They are designed to monitor air quality, THC, vaping, carbon dioxide, and device aggression and tampering. Sensors were installed as a pilot program at Lake Creek High School back in April.


“Vaping, vapes are a tremendous challenge in schools across Texas and across the country. You can’t solve a problem by ignoring it and so we need to identify and make our schools a place where it’s very difficult for students to engage in vaping,” said Superintendent Heath Morrison. “We want to make it challenging; we want to make it daunting; but if we get caught we want to take the appropriate consequences for the student, but even more we want to give them the help they need to dissuade them from the practice and behavior that’s not positive.”