Lakeshore HS testing vape detectors in bathrooms; SRO introduced

Administrators are hoping a new product installed in bathrooms will help deter vaping at school. During his regular report at Monday’s Lakeshore Public Schools Board of Education meeting, Superintendent Greg Eding informed board members the district has installed several vape detectors in several district bathrooms. “We’re looking at the possibility of installing these in all secondary bathrooms,” Eding said. “Right now, we are just in the testing phase with those.”


Eding did not specify what brand of vaping detectors are being tested, but a common device installed in many schools over the past few years in schools is called the HALO Smart Sensor. According to the product’s website, vape detectors “accurately monitor the quality of air and detect dangerous vaping chemicals when present in school bathrooms and send notification alerts to assigned faculty members. They are an effective and affordable solution, and their visible presence acts as a deterrent.”