Berkley High School to discourage vaping with detectors in restrooms

With teen use of nicotine vaping up nationwide, Berkley High School is getting ready to install special sensors in restrooms that can detect when students use the devices. High School Principal Andrew Meloche in a letter to parents this week said every restroom in the school will be outfitted with a vape sensor.


“When these sensors detect the presence of vapor from electronic cigarettes and vaping devices,” he said in the letter, “a silent alarm will be sent to designated individuals within the building who, in turn, immediately report to the identified restroom.” Students in restrooms where vaping is found will be taken to school administration officials.


They may face consequences for violating the Berkley School District Student Code of Conduct, Meloche said.  “Our colleagues at Oakland Schools Technical Campus (OSTC) expressed a positive experience with their investment in vape sensors,” Meloche said in his letter, adding that OSTC reported a decline in vaping in restrooms and an increase in the comfort level of students using the restroom. He said he hopes Berkley High School has the same success. Meloche did not immediately respond to calls for comment Friday.


The school district has purchased 20 Halo Smart Sensors, which will be installed in all the restrooms at the high school.