3 Johnson County school districts get big boost to improve security

GREENWOOD, Ind. — School districts in the Greenwood area just got a big boost to help with school security – a million dollars, just approved, to keep kids safe. The money will be split evenly between the three school districts that serve Greenwood residents. Clark-Pleasant is one of the districts and already has specific plans on how to spend it and better protect students.


Greenwood’s mayor came up with the proposal to use a portion of the city’s federal American Rescue Plan money for schools. The Greenwood city council approved the plan unanimously this week. In Clark-Pleasant, the money will enhance the eyes-watching halls and classrooms with upgraded software and sensors added to their 600 cameras.


“It’s called a Halo sensor and it’s a sensor you can put throughout buildings and it can detect everything from vapes to THC to gunshots to aggression,” Price explained.