Alabaster City Schools ensuring faculty, staff and students are safe

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ALABASTER, Ala. (WBRC) – Alabaster City Schools is making a big investment in new technology aimed at keeping children safe at school after the Parkland School Massacre in Florida.

Alabaster Superintendent Dr. Wayne Vickers said it will help ensure all faculty staff and students are safe on campus.

In addition to the crisis alert system, they have also added vape detectors, improved their camera system and added another SRO officer.

We know in a crisis every seconds matter now, and if someone seems something wrong on campus, they can do something.

“If I’m in the parking lot and I see something that doesn’t look right as every employee in our school system custodian, teacher, paraprofessional, bus driver, they can actually do something with this button,” Vickers said.

This will be the school’s second year with the alert system. They have the authority to lock down the school, call for medical help and also notify administration.

Another safety addition is the halo vaping system, installed in all the bathrooms at the high school and soon the middle school.

“It gives us an alert if something is going on and it gives us a chance to check on what’s happening, we do have certain punishments in place if people get caught,” Vickers said. “But the main thing is we want our students to say ‘hey I don’t want to do that, you know there is a vape detector in here, I’m not going to participate.’”

On top of that, major improvements are coming to their visual camera system at all campuses through the Avigilon security system.

“Amazing camera system to if we see something we can observe and that has helped us at all five of our campuses,” Vickers said. “And then also with partnership with the City of Alabaster and the Alabaster Police Department we have an additional resource officer.”

There are now two at the high school, two at the middle school and one at their other campuses.

Dr. Vickers said they are very grateful to be able to provide that additional layer of protection.