The Importance Of Smart Sensors In Retail And Convenience Store Safety


Safety and security are important aspects of retail and convenience stores. Fortunately, with advancements in digital tech leading to the rise of different smart sensors, retail and convenience stores can adopt novel ways to maintain store safety. In fact, a recent report from on the smart sensor market expect it to grow to be worth $77,747 million globally by 2028. Smart sensors vary depending on what needs to be measured, from temperature to humidity and even the weight of certain items.

Developments in these technologies are reshaping health and safety as we know it, especially in a post-pandemic world. Insights on the post-COVID health landscape from Maryville University consider how calls for community action led to mixed results in public health. Now, technology like trained AI programs and intelligent devices can help data analysts identify public safety issues or trends, allowing for more proactive and effective solutions across the board. Using smart sensors in stores can help staff better assist customers, maintain optimal health conditions, and offer immediate support in shopping areas. In this post, we’ll explore how smart sensors can support retail and convenience stores:

Detecting Aggression

Crimes revolving around acts of aggression and assault are unfortunately common in retail locations. A recent report from CNBC indicates a rise in property crimes such as car theft, larceny, theft, burglary, and violent robberies by nearly 20%. Not only is this a safety concern for customers and employees of a retail or convenience store, but they are also ultimately bad for business — leading to the closing down of stores out of concern for employees’ physical safety and well-being. The use of smart sensors can help detect noises from gunshots to fights and other loud sounds in quiet areas to alert staff, customers, and authorities as soon as possible.

Even if a gunshot sound is heard outside the store, smart sensors can still identify it and its location. This way, stores can take the necessary precautions like alerting authorities to temporarily lock the store to avoid damage to both property and the people inside. For further support in cases that happen inside the building, businesses can connect these smart devices to panic buttons, so staff or customers can quickly call for outside help.

Discouraging Drug Use

Drug users looking for a discreet space often turn to retail and convenience store restrooms. This can be a significant safety and security problem as it could lead to possibly dangerous situations for employees. A University of Florida study discussed the use of blue light in bathrooms, which can disrupt drug needle use, and how certain cities have adopted blue bulbs to reduce drug use on business properties. However, this method is only suitable for detecting injectable drugs.

For more difficult-to-detect substances, smart sensors are a cost-effective solution. New sensor models can identify drugs, analyze the data, and transmit this information so business owners can take action. Other smart sensors detect vaping and smoke in private areas, such as restrooms and office breakrooms. By quickly identifying marijuana and other drugs in-store, alongside data tracking and analysis, retail and convenience store owners can plan on how to address the problem without disrupting the customer shopping experience.

Maintaining Air Quality

Maintaining the indoor air quality of stores is vital to customer health and comfort, as well as product health and quality. These days, vape detectors like our HALO Smart Sensor help detect smoke, vaping, marijuana, and even abnormal sounds in-store. In case of irregular gas levels in the store, the system can alert appropriate staff members of harmful conditions. This is important in cases of increased carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, or humidity to ensure that stores remain compliant with industry or government health and hygiene standards.

The build-up of moisture and humidity can also lead to mold and mildew growth, leading to health risks for customers and staff. As such, vape detectors can help store owners save on the high costs of mold clean-up. For the best quality vape detectors, contact us at HALO Smart Sensor today.

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