Improving Hotel Guest Experiences While Maintaining Costs Through Smart Sensors

As the hotel industry rebounds from the COVID epidemic, many hotel brands or hotel management groups are feeling the tension between delivering superb guest experiences, while also managing their costs. Many look toward modern technology to assist with the strains and needs of the hospitality industry, such as building security, ways to cut costs, and anything that will assist in creating a great guest experience. An emerging category of internet-connected smart sensor devices has the potential to help the industry deliver on these seemingly contradictory goals of delivering excellent hotel guest experiences while keeping costs down. Here are some of the top ways smart sensor devices can help hotel management groups bridge the gap.

Healthier Air Inside The Building

Health and safety are of top concern for all industries over the past few years with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is especially true of the hospitality industry, as those traveling and staying in hotels want to ensure their health and safety are the hotel’s #1 priority. A way this issue is being tackled is through indoor air quality monitoring. By monitoring the air quality and health of the hotel building, guests and staff can be sure they are breathing the healthiest air possible. Monitoring indoor air quality also helps the building’s HVAC equipment run more efficiently, thus saving the hotel facility money. The HALO Smart Sensor can provide Health Index readings, as well as Indoor Air Quality Index readings for hotels to easily monitor the air quality in their rooms.

Smoke and Vape Detection

In most modern-day hotels, smoking of any kind is prohibited within the building, including in guest rooms. However, sometimes guests do not adhere to these rules, leaving behind a room that needs extra cleaning due to residual smoke odors. When this happens, this also alters the number of available rooms for guests, as these rooms are put out of commission until the smoke or vape damage is dealt with. With smart sensor technology like the HALO Smart Sensor, the #1 vape detector around the world, smoking and vaping can be detected almost instantaneously, allowing hotel personnel to take action accordingly before a room suffers damage due to smoking and vaping. Altogether, this can avoid costly cleanups and rooms being put out of commission.

Carbon Monoxide and Chemical Detection

High levels of carbon monoxide and certain chemicals can have fatal consequences. Facilities of all industries, including hotels, must ensure their buildings do not have high levels of carbon monoxide or chemicals so that there are no potential risks to guests or staff. Smart sensor technology such as the HALO Smart Sensor has carbon monoxide detection and chemical detection built into its health sensors and can alert the proper personnel when levels get too high. In particular hotels, chemical detection can be particularly useful to ensure rooms are being cleaned thoroughly, as HALO also can detect cleaning chemicals in a room and has been tested in other industries such as the healthcare industry.

Humidity Detection

Humidity poses a lot of challenges for many facilities, especially hotels. Humidity not only affects air quality but also can cause interior damage to buildings, as well as the issue of mold and mildew. Hotels, especially when located in humid climates or sea resort environments, must take extra precautions to control humidity in their buildings and rooms. This not only causes damage to the hotel but also gives off a perception to guests that the hotel does not maintain the property well. HALO can monitor humidity in every room to prevent the potential of mold and damage. If personnel is alerted to high humidity in a room or corridor, an investigation can occur to determine if there is an issue with their HVAC settings or if other environmental factors are the problem.

Mass Communication Abilities

Every facility in every industry must think of ways to communicate with occupants of a building in the event of an emergency. Hotel occupancy specifically can vary depending on how many rooms are occupied at the time. A method of mass communication is essential for hotels to communicate an emergency as fast and efficiently as possible. HALO can assist with this through features such as a Panic Button, Escape & Alert Lighting, and more.

Cloud Monitoring and Alerts to Staff

With a big facility such as a hotel or resort, how can everything be monitored at once? HALO Cloud brings all the HALO devices in a facility onto one platform for staff and personnel to easily manage and review. With HALO Cloud, multiple devices can be managed, real-time alerts can be sent to the appropriate staff, as well as being able to generate reports and historical data to better manage the facility. The HALO Cloud platform also provides a Live View Map of all sensors in the building, providing faster resource allocation!

HALO could be the perfect next investment for your hotel, motel, or resort to boost hotel guest experiences while maintaining costs! Contact us today to learn more about how the HALO Smart Sensor is growing in the hospitality space and get a free quote for your facility.

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