Amplify Your HALO Smart Sensor – The ISC West Edition!

ISC West 2024 is just a few weeks away, and we’re looking forward to welcoming attendees to the IPVideo booth #17099, April 10-12 at the Venetian Expo Center Las Vegas, Nevada. Our growing, talented team will be onsite to meet with you and showcase how our innovation continues to help create smarter, safer, and healthier environments. This year’s showcase includes the award-winning HALO Smart Sensor 3C for vape, health, and safety threat detection; SentryERS Lockdown & Emergency Response System; and (drumroll, please) the all-new HALO Amplify Connected Sensor Suite!

Learn more about this new solution below and visit our booth #17099 for a live demonstration inside the new HALO Amplify Market Experience Center!

Meet HALO Amplify – more sensors for safer

HALO Amplify – The Connected Sensor Suite – extends security, health, and situational awareness for the HALO 3C family of products, offering more sensors for safer schools, businesses, hospitals, retail stores, hotels, and more. Designed to help protect people and property, current options include panic button, people counting, open door/window, temperature/humidity, and water leak sensors. Up to 30 Bluetooth®-enabled, battery-powered sensors can wirelessly connect to your HALO Smart Sensor 3C or 3C-PC on a network. Sensor and event data is accessible in real-time via the HALO Cloud dashboard, HALO Cloud App, HALO device web interface, and via third-party integrations.

HALO Amplify – protecting privacy

Have peace of mind knowing HALO Amplify provides the same level of privacy protection that all HALO products do. Ideal for use in isolated areas like restrooms, executive board rooms, hotel rooms, healthcare facilities, and more, the device operates without the use of video or audio recording and never captures any personally identifiable information (PII).

HALO Amplify – new sensors for health, safety, and security


Amplify people counting
Enables monitoring of people count, dwell time, motion and line crossing.

Use Case

  • Early warning of bullying, fights, and vaping in K-12 restrooms
  • Awareness of vagrancy and potential drug use in public restrooms and retail bank ATM vestibules
  • Identifies risk of assault or other illicit activity in single-use restrooms
  • Unauthorized access detection, particularly after-hours
  • Excessive occupancy detection in hotel rooms, public housing and short-term rentals


Amplify iPanic

An easy-to-use double-push panic button that integrates seamlessly with HALO Smart Sensor 3C/ 3C-PC and IPVideo Corporation’s Sentry ERS Lockdown and Emergency Response System.

Use Case

  • Staff alerts for at-risk workers in education, retail, healthcare, hospitality, and legal sectors.
  • Medical alerts
  • Bullying and restraining order alerts


Amplify open door and window

Can be used to trigger alerts when doors or windows are opened. Time-specific notifications can be configured, for example on weekends or before and after hours.

Use Case

  • Security – prevention of unauthorized access or egress, particularly in K-12 education and senior living.
  • Option for time-based alerts/notifications.


Amplify temperature & humidity

Detects temperature changes in the range -31˚F to 158˚F (-35˚C to 70˚C) and 0 to 99% relative humidity.

Use Case

  • Environmental monitoring for comfort, HVAC integration, and energy management
  • Data center monitoring
  • Mold prevention
  • Commercial refrigeration monitoring


Amplify water leak

Can be used to detect the presence of water (and other conductive liquids) in spaces such as bathrooms, boiler rooms, and areas of refrigeration.

Use Case

  • Early detection of plumbing, HVAC, and appliance failures
  • Vandalism monitoring in public restrooms (including K-12)
  • Data center monitoring

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