The #1 Vape Detector in the World Now Has the Safety & Security Features You Need

The HALO 3C vape detector protects the privacy of individuals as it does not use cameras, record audio, or capture any personally identifiable information (PII), making it the perfect solution for privacy areas such as restrooms and common areas in schools, dormitories, public spaces, offices and more.

#1 Vape Detector for K12
HALO Smart Sensor 3C
The #1 Vape Detector and Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Device

HALO provides both a real-time Air Quality and Health Index that sends alerts when either index falls into danger zones. Receive critical automated reports that show a healthy indoor environment and/or validate that facility improvement is needed.

#1 Vape Detector for K12
#1 Vape Detector
Capture Comprehensive Health and Safety Awareness for your School Environment

Protect your students, staff, and faculty with HALO Smart Sensor. Our vape detector senses vape and marijuana smoke, plus senses high carbon dioxide levels, bullying and fights, hazardous gas and chemical spills, gun fire and so much more!

#1 Vape Detector for K12
#1 Vape Detector for K12
#1 Vape Detector for K12
#1 Vape Detector for K12
All Your HALOs, Now in One Place!

Connect to HALO Cloud to manage multiple devices, receive real-time Health Index and AQI alerts and reporting, see alerts and historical data to document your buildings health status and trouble areas.

HALO Key Sensor Readings

The HALO Smart Sensor key sensors are easily broken up into three main categories - Health, Safety and Vape Detection.

Health Sensors

Health Index • Air Quality Index • Carbon Monoxide • Carbon Dioxide • Nitrogen Dioxide • Humidity • Temperature • TVOC • Particulates

Safety Sensors

Help (Spoken Key Word) • Gunshot • Aggression • Light Level • Tamper

Vape Sensors

THC • Vape • Vape Masking • Smoking

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Prevent Vaping While Capturing Comprehensive Health & Safety Awareness for your Building

HALO is the essential component in the solution to providing a low-risk, healthier environment by monitoring Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Particulate concentrations, Humidity, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) in the air. This multi-sensor provides vape detection, smoke detection, THC detection, and sound detection of abnormalities like gunshots and shouting in areas where a camera cannot be placed. HALO delivers safe, healthy, and comfortable environments that keep all occupants safe while saving money by efficiently also running the HVAC system.

2.13 million students reported e-cigarette use in 2023

Source: cdc.gov

HALO Key Sensor Readings

Easily monitor the health and safety of your environments with all of these sensor readings in one device!


HALO Smart Sensor - Health - Health Index

Health Index

HALO Smart Sensor - Health - Air Quality

Air Quality Index

HALO Smart Sensor - Health - CO

Carbon Monoxide

HALO Smart Sensor - Health - CO2

Carbon Dioxide

HALO Smart Sensor - Health - NO2

Nitrogen Dioxide

HALO Smart Sensor - Health - Humidity


HALO Smart Sensor - Health - Temp


HALO Smart Sensor - Health - TVOC


HALO Smart Sensor - Health - Particulates



Help (Spoken Key Word)

Emergency Escape

Panic Button


HALO Smart Sensor - Safety - Gunshot


HALO Smart Sensor - Safety - Aggression



HALO Smart Sensor - Safety - Tamper



HALO Smart Sensor - Vape - Marijuana (THC)


HALO Smart Sensor - Vape


Vape Masking


Learn more about our health, safety, and vape sensors and what they can do for you!

Your HALO Devices

Have peace of mind knowing HALO provides the highest level of privacy protection and around-the-clock monitoring. Ideal for use in isolated areas like restrooms, executive board rooms, hotel rooms, and more, the device operates without the use of video or audio recording and never captures any personally identifiable information (PII). 


Health, Safety & Vape Detector

Health Index • Air Quality Index • Carbon Monoxide • Carbon Dioxide • Nitrogen Dioxide • Humidity • Temperature • TVOC • Particulates • Chemicals • Help (Spoken Keyword) • Emergency Alert Lighting • Panic Button • Gunshot • Aggression • Motion • Tamper • THC (Marijuana) • Vaping • Vape Masking • Smoking


Health, Safety & Vape Detection
with People Counting

Need people counting?

HALO Cloud

Enables staff to respond rapidly to vaping, environmental, and safety events via real-time site-specific notifications. Allocate resources effectively with a range of analytics and reporting capabilities, aggregate data, and manage multiple devices across multiple sites.

  • Receive configurable email and push notifications triggered by sensor levels or panic buttons.
  • Monitor events and sensor levels across your buildings in real time.
  • View analytics such as heat maps and event trend graphs.
  • Download historical data for further analysis and reports.
“The HALO detection system is serving its purpose as a deterrent to our students to discourage vaping. Prior to their installation we had over 20 EMS calls for students that we believed were suffering from effects of vaping. Since the devices have been in place, we haven't had to make any.”
Associate Principal and 504 Coordinator, North Scott High School, Eldridge, IA

Industries we work In

Our all-in-one Security, Health and Vape Detector device is used across multiple industries around the globe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our all-in-one Security, Health and Vape Detector device is used across multiple industries around the globe.

HALO has a host of sensors to perform multiple detections. 12 sensors to be exact. The hundreds of combinations it detects expands its capabilities to be able to differentiate between substances as well.  For instance, HALO can distinguish between a person vaping nicotine and a person vaping with a substance laced with THC. Learn more about our sensors here

 HALO can typically cover 144 square feet (13.4 square meters) with normal ceiling heights (8ft/2.4m) for vape sensors however other sensors work effectively up to 1963 square feet (182.4 square meters). Its coverage area will also vary by the ventilation in the room, the ceiling height will also be a contributing factor. A pendant mount option is available to keep HALO at its recommended height of 8 feet (2.4 meters).

HALO was purposely designed to maximize efficiency of airflow which shortens the response time to an event. HALO is an effective vape detector tool but will have obvious limitations if a person uses some physical methods to obscure their vaping. Filtering through clothing, opening of windows, etc. can lower the levels of chemicals reaching its sensors. Third party testing has been done and proven effective, even when vape is blown in to a jacket.

Yes! HALO IOT Smart Sensor is a security device which is designed to respect privacy. Bathrooms and locker rooms are two such places HALO is installed. They are also perfect for dorm rooms, hospital rooms and hotel rooms to provide security and vape detection while maintaining privacy.

Yes, HALO is suitable for use in Colleges and Universities, hospitality centers, commercial buildings, malls, etc. Any location where vaping needs to be controlled and there is a security system or security service to monitor its alerts/events. HALO is perfect for dorm rooms if colleges are concerned about students smoking various substances in rooms, breaking noise ordinances or for dorm and campus safety.

 HALO is currently in use in schools throughout the US and they have uncovered many instances of both vaping and THC use. We highlight some of these districts on our site. Please see our Case Studies section.

Yes this can be used in a residence and many rental units are successfully using HALO today, however there are technical and purchase requirements you need to be aware of that may not be a fit for every home/apartment.   HALO requires POE cabling/ethernet connection to operate, confirm you are set up to run before purchasing.   IPVideo Corporation does not sell HALO direct to customers,  units are purchased from certified distributors and resellers many of which only sell to commercial establishments.   

HALO is a SMART sensor with the ability to expand its capabilities in the future. HALO is suitable for use in any industrial complex where environments need to be monitored and controlled. HALO detects chemicals such as CO2, CO and NH3 and ties to the security system or security service to monitor its alerts/events.

 No, there is no minimum purchase quantity.

 HALO comes with a 2-year, 5-year or 10-year warranty

The HALO is an intelligent sensor on the edge and works standalone. Therefore, the HALO Cloud is optional.

An unlimited number of HALOs can be connected to the HALO Cloud.

HALO is a SMART Sensor! As a security device, HALO is made of vandal-proof plastic and has an IK08 rating. HALO Smart Sensor also encompasses a tamper sensor in order to detect someone trying to damage it. If the tamper sensor is set, an alert can be sent out in the same manner as a vape alert, or, as an option, HALO has a speaker and light which can be enabled to blink or shriek to alert of the tampering.

Gunshot detection is included with all HALOs. IPVideo has a patent pending algorithm built into each HALO improving identification of gunshot events with Dual Authentication. HALO incorporates frequency and sound pattern with percussion to detect gunshot in 360 degrees at a 25’ (7.62m) radius for almost 2,000 square feet (185.8 square meters) of coverage and does not require line of site.

Keeping Up with HALO Smart Sensor